2009年12月26日 星期六

跨年之夜!!! New Year's Party!!!


(獎品:免費吃的、免費喝的、Mercury $500元消費卷、Tizzy Bac冬季練歌門票2張)

特價: 可樂娜、百威、嘉士伯 $80元 龍舌蘭一口杯 $50元

New Year's at The Mercury!!

Come ring in 2010 with us! We'll have free champagne for all customers at Midnight!! Also, all night long we'll be having prize raffles. Each customer gets one ticket upon arrival, and for every $150 spent, you'll receive one additional ticket!! Prizes include free food, free drinks, Mercury Gift Certificates ($500 value!!), and two tickets to the Tizzy Bac concert on New Year's Day at Pier 2!!!

Drink Specials will run all night long!!
Corona, Bud, Carlsberg $80 NT
Tequila Shots $50 NT

2009年12月18日 星期五

Merry Christmas From The Mercury!

The Mercury wants to celebrate Christmas in a fun way, so all customers will receive a free present, plus chances to win additional gifts from our gift tree! Everything from free cocktails, shots, food, gift certificates and much more!! 

Specials on this evening will include Rum & homemade Egg Nog for $100, Baileys & Milk for $100, plus our usual Friday night specials of cheap Heineken, Carlsberg and Tequila Shots!!

2009年12月7日 星期一

12月LIVE!! Live In December!!!

12/12 (六) December 12th




$200 入場 (含ㄧ杯飲料)

Multi-talented actress/writer/singer/songwriter Enno makes a very special appearance at The Mercury Saturday, December 12th. All the things you've only thought about doing with your life, she's already accomplished. Aside from being nominated for a Golden Horse award as most promising new actress, she's made quite a name for herself pursuing her musical career. 

Is there such a thing as 'emo-folk'? Her music is simple and sparse-just her and an acoustic guitar, but her lyrics and vocal delivery are very powerful and heartfelt. Just hear it.

Admission: $200 NT includes one drink

12/18(五) December 18th

American singer/songwriter/guitarist Luke Woo returns to The Mercury for an evening of soulful acoustic pop. A felicitous blend of covers, originals and guitar instrumental pieces left the audience demanding more last time. He has great vocal skills and even more impressive guitar abilities a la Michael Hedges. Don't miss this!!

12/24(四) December 24th

Taiwan's truest, most authentic reggae artist Red-I makes a very special appearance for a very special Christmas Eve performance. There's no other roots/reggae artist on this island who can rival Red-I. Think we're full of shit? Read this:

and this:

and this:

雷鬼教父 Red-I 的獨秀


12/26(六) December 26th

去高雄 溫度很高太陽很兇
要去高雄 短發短褲短裙短袖
要去高雄 一個朋友喝一桶酒

要去高雄 有酒空在那里等我
要去高雄 短發短褲通通脫光
要去高雄 我已墜入麥的河流

真的大滿貫 2009最後一次到高雄表演!

入場$200 (含飲料)
Legendary band 88 Guava Seedz has agreed to perform at The Mercury on December 26th, prompting us to run out and get a huge prescription of calm-the-fuck-down pills. Even though it's gonna be unplugged, it is shaping up to be the most ass-kickingest show we've had yet! 

Tickets: $200 NT at the door, includes one drink.

2009年12月4日 星期五

Just In Time For Winter!


(貝禮詩奶酒, 星巴克咖啡,噴式鮮奶油)

Bailey’s Coffee $180

(Bailey’s, Starbucks Coffee, Whipped Cream)



(卡嚕哇咖啡酒, 星巴克咖啡,噴式鮮奶油)

Kahlua Coffee $180

(Kahlua, Starbucks Coffee, Whipped Cream)


柑曼怡咖啡 $200

(柑曼怡柑橘甜酒,星巴克咖啡, 噴式鮮奶油)

Grand Marnier Coffee $200

(Grand Marnier, Starbucks Coffee, Whipped Cream)

2009年10月27日 星期二

11月 LIVE! Live in November!


Vox & Gt : 力寶(Wama)
Gt2 : 老王(Leo)
Bass : 力柚(Yuco)
Drums: 子芳

The Mercury is very proud to present Orange Doll November 13th. This band creates a sound that is part Britpop, part punk, and incredibly melodic. They will remind you of everything you liked about pop music in the first place. 

November 14th

The 4th annual birthday celebration of Canadian legend Neil Young will take place at its new permanent home, The Mercury. This year's lineup will include perennial participants T-Bone & Brasco as well as newcomers Seamus Manly, Dim Bulb and the return of CatchPenny to the fold. 

Admission is free!


崇拜 John Lennon

Ian-vox 阿彰-guitars 小妹-bass 尊龍-drums

If the brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher were born in Taiwan instead of England, they might sound a lot like bitter. Channeling the spirit of John Lennon, these boys from Taipei also draw inspiration from The Stone Roses in their attempt to resurrect the late 80s-mid 90s "Madchester" sound.

角落 Live!!! The Angles Live!!!

The Angles 角落




有在路邊唱到被警察趕的日子,有在深夜裡背著樂器走往回家的路的日子。今天會是怎樣的日子? 我們又在怎樣的角落

The Mercury is very proud to present a rare appearance from The Angles. Acoustic pop/rock and great vocal harmonies are what this band brings to the stage. Many local musicians believe that if there is a band from Kaohsiung likely to be signed to a big recording contract, it would be The Angles.

2009年10月19日 星期一

Live This Week @ The Mercury

Singer/guitarist from The USA Luke Woo will perform a mix of originals and covers. Showtime is 10PM Thursday October 22nd. Free admission.

Canadian duo Dim Bulb (Don and Steve) will perform for your listening pleasure on Saturday, October 24th at 10 PM. Free admission. 

2009年10月14日 星期三

卡五盎 Car5On LIVE Friday, October 16th

卡五盎將於10/16星期五晚間十點,在The Mercury現場演出!
沒有距離但又捕捉不住的 Car5On
One-man experimental band Car5On makes a special appearance at The Mercury this Friday. The sound is an hypnotic amalgamation of electronica and ambient. A collage of loops, samples and atmospheric guitar will provide the audience with a unique listening experience.

2009年10月1日 星期四

滅火器10月10日高雄駁二演唱會 Fire Ex Live Concert

來 The Mercury 購票除了買4送1之外,買2張預售票還送馬猴樂團EP一張(限量供應喔)

Tickets available at The Mercury for Fire Ex's CD Release concert at Pier 2, October 10. Buy 4 tickets, get one free! Buy 2 tickets and get a free Maho EP!

2009年9月21日 星期一


這次在水星酒館的表演害羞將以"昂普拉個"的表演,呈現青春熱血的SKA PUNK曲風
9/25 在水星酒館更將會首度披露連名字都還沒取的新歌
喜歡害羞踢蘋果的歌迷們 千萬不要放過此次難得的機會!!

Taiwan's best ska/punk band Shy Kick Apple have been kickin' ass and takin' names across this island for the past three years, and show no signs of slowing down! On this night, you will witness a very rare 'unplugged' performance from the band, and will also hear them debut a brand new song which is so new that it doesn't even have a name! Come see some of the finest musicians in Kaohsiung do their thing!!

2009年8月30日 星期日

斑斑 LIVE @ The Mercury!!!

Former Freckles bandleader and current Boyz & Girl vocalist/guitarist Ben-Ben returns to Kaohsiung for her first solo show in over two years. She's developed quite a following around the island through her various musical endeavors. Don't miss this very special unplugged performance!

2009年8月24日 星期一

The Mercury Seeks Staff

The Mercury is currently seeking part-time service and kitchen staff. 

1. Waiter/Waitress
 Requirements: At least 1 year experience in restaurant/bar industry, good English ability, responsible and reliable work habits. 
Salary: $120/hour and up. 
Working time: 2-4 days a week, 4-6 hours per day.

2. Kitchen Staff
Requirements: At least 1 year experience in a restaurant or foodservice kitchen, some English ability, knowledge in kitchen sanitation practices and food preparation.
Salary $100/hour and up.
Working time: 2-3 days a week, 4-5 hours per day.

If you are interested in these positions, please send a resume to: the.mercury.bar@gmail.com or call 550-8617 and ask for Don.