Mini Record Shop!水星的小唱片行!

88 Balaz "More Handsome Than An Animal"

Forests 森林合唱樂團 The Moon Is Man CD $350
Sorry Youth 拍謝少年"海口味“CD $350

BB彈 BB Bomb“去台北”EP $150
非人物種 “沒路” Inhumanband "No Roads"CD $300
 Damnkidz "No Cross, No Crown" CD $250

少年維持的煩惱 "城市躁動" EP Sorrow Of Youth "Frisky Town" EP $180
河豚子《你不是人》 Fuguko "You're Not Human" CD $250

草地人 “韌性”EP!! $150!
WoodyWoody 樂團 "Seeds" EP $170
任天堂世代憂鬱 Nintendo Generation Blues "愛即是空" EP$100

Sunset Rollercoaster "Bossa Nova" CD $300
The Okay Cars "This Is How" EP $150
My Skin Against Your Skin "Jealous Lover" EP $100
 庫克 混亂狀態KoOK “State Of Chaos” $300
葉子-ㄧ個人旅行 Promise Leaf-Travel Alone $150
The Rising Hedons-Head Full of Rain and a Heart Worth Leaving $200
The Rising Hedons- Seaside Caravan $300
Tierney Kathleen Jacobson "Down To The Water" CD $300
三杯雞 EP  Triple G-Cup EP $100
DamnKidz EP "Show Hand" $150
The TIC TAC EP $150
88 Balaz “比獸還壞” CD $300
Green Eyes EP $150
Boyz & Girl CD $350
Full House CD $200
Orange Doll 橘娃娃 "阿明之歌"EP $100
Shy Kick Apple 害羞踢蘋果 "熱血漫畫"EP $150
Sorry Youth 拍謝少年 EP $100  Sold Out
The Man 男子漢 CD $250
Manasga EP $100
Half Mile Radius 6-song EP $100

The above are all available for purchase at The Mercury! Come and support independent music in Taiwan!